You’ve done your research on Croatia and planned all the historical sites worth sightseeing, all the tours, and routes. Naturally, you’ve also looked up the restaurants and learned a bit about Croatian cuisine.
However, if you’re a true food lover, perhaps a bit adventurous or simply curious about everything local, then generic guides are not your thing. No doubt, TV shows with food guides can be fun and informative. I have to admit I like them as well. But, as the famous saying goes: The map is not the territory!
Sure, restaurant ratings are all fine, but the word of mouth, the knowledge of and by the local people and local experts is irreplaceable. And I believe it should stay so, because the food is about actual life and sharing, about bringing people together.
Despite its relatively small size and only 4 million of inhabitants, Croatia has many regions whose climates and cuisines differ to the point that can be truly baffling for a first-time visitor.
And this is where I step in.
I will take you on a customized and tailor-made food tour, enabling you to taste Croatia at your own pace. No person or a group of people is the same, and so should be your Croatian food tour: unique. I’m here to listen to all your food and other preferences, your wishes, inputs, plans, and questions. My goal is rather simple: to give you the best food tour ever.


Adequate and comfortable accommodation is an important plan of any travel. Again, I’m here to listen to all your wishes and demands regarding accommodation, so you can freely choose among the best options proposed.


Depending on your travel plans and schedules, I can arrange your transfer as well. If you choose so, I can pick you up with my van at any location or airport in Croatia or in the neighbouring countries and regions, such as Slovenia or north Italy.


In case that you want to hire a guide for a historic sightseeing during our food tour, just tell me. I can quickly arrange it. Same goes for any other wishes, such as detouring for a treatment in a local spa. Perhaps you want to change a plan a bit, explore some location on your own or sleep over after a fantastic dinner and all that exquisite wine? No problem. This is not a tourist package with tight schedules. Remember, you’re tasting Croatia at your own pace. I’ll be at your disposal 24/7, so don’t hesitate to ask!